Dressing for Dinner A Style Guide

What is the one thing that most people are concerned about when getting ready for a night out on the town? It’s what to wear, of course! You may think you have all your bases covered with your jeans, t-shirt and blazer combo. But if you’re going to be dining at a five star restaurant in Dubai, chances are there will be more than just casual attire being worn. Here is our guide on dressing for dinner so that you can look as stylish as everyone else around you.

Don’t dress too casually

One of the biggest faux pas you can make is dressing too casually for a fancy dinner. Even if it’s just going to be your significant other and yourself, chances are that there will be at least one person in the restaurant wearing something quite formal!

Choose an outfit that is appropriate for the occasion

If you want to look your best, it’s important that your outfit is not only comfortable, but also formal enough. After all, people are paying quite a bit of money for their meals and drinks in such establishments! You wouldn’t like it if someone showed up wearing shorts or flip-flops, would you?

Wear something that flatters your figure

Wear something that flatters your figure

This is especially true for women. You would not want to wear a dress that’s too tight on the top and flares out at the waist as it will just accentuate those areas. And if you’re wearing a skirt or pants, make sure they are not too tight or long. You don’t want to look frumpy!

Avoid anything transparent

This is for both men and women. While it might be the height of summer, you still wouldn’t want to wear something that’s totally see-through as this will make people uncomfortable around you. It doesn’t matter if your outfit looks amazing if it’s not appropriate for the occasion.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize

You don’t want your outfit to look like something you just threw on before heading out of the door, so add in some accessories! It can be anything from a belt or handbag all the way up to jewellery and hair accessories. If you really want to go all out, you can even wear a small hat or fascinator!

If you are planning to head out for dinner, make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above so you don’t end up feeling awkward in the crowd!