The November Style Guide: The Autumn Fashion in Dubai

around the corner! This month’s style guide is all about those vibrant colors from fall fashion trends, as well as some tips for dressing your body type to make sure you look your best this season.

Use simple accessories

Keep your accessories simple this season, especially if you’re trying to dress up an outfit. The right mix of jewelry will set the tone for any look and keep it from being too much or plain.

Layer it up!

It’s time to start thinking about layering again, but remember that it needs to be done artfully! One good layer is often all you need. If you have a loose shirt, try putting it over a sheer dress for a perfect autumn look.

Get a good jacket

Keeping your jacket on is key this season! It’s going to be chilly out there and the right outerwear can mean all the difference between feeling cold or looking chic. Start by picking up some of last year’s stock in stores that are having sales now so you’re ready when winter comes. Don’t forget about scarves either- they add an extra element to any outfit without being too much since they keep your neck warm!

Get a good jacket

Stay comfortable

You should never sacrifice comfort for style when it comes to what you wear. An outfit that is both stylish and comfortable will make you feel like the best version of yourself, so don’t be afraid to mix high-end styles with low cost items!

Keep it simple

Keep your wardrobe simple this season; don’t buy too many pieces in order to keep up with all of fall’s fashion trends. A basic shirt can go a long way when paired with the right accessories like scarves or sweaters.

Bright colors can work wonders

This autumn fashion trend in Dubai focuses on bright colors instead of neutral tones, which is why we’re seeing more reds, purples and oranges than ever before! This color scheme works well if you have lighter skin but might not look so great on those with darker skin tones.

With so many fashion options this season, it can be difficult to choose which trends to follow and which ones should stay out of your wardrobe for good! If you want to look fashionable but not like everyone else, try opting for trendy pieces that are made from fabrics besides denim or leather. These materials will allow you to stand out without looking gaudy or over the top.